The idea behind pointblank.gg

Formed in 2017 near Detroit, MI, with a desire to build a more regular interactive and dedicated social experience for the more proactive and ambitious hobbyist, currently primarily based around gaming and playing Airsoft. In a society where everyone is more connected than ever, it is still incredibly difficult to find like minded individuals who share similar values, inspirations, and passions while enjoying their favorite past-times.

Pointblank.gg aims to create an environment where all individuals feel they can contribute their valuable hobby time towards an established community and build lasting friendships and teammates, rather gaming, playing airsoft, or something else you may enjoy that others could take an interest in.

Composed of family and friends of those who have enjoyed video games and tech culture since growing up in the late 90s, attending LAN parties spent in garages and basements playing Battlefield: 1942, Quake, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, Goldeneye, and linking original Xboxes together for 8 man Halo 2. Years of experience in building game orientated online clans and communities, guilds, building competitive rosters and teams before the big esports boom, becoming filthy casuals with 9-5 jobs, we have been apart of some of the highest and lowest points of our ever evolving gaming industry.

The goals of our group revolve around keeping people interacting and invested by hosting online game nights, public and private LAN events, casual social meetups, watching esport events, tabletop, traveling to large-scale LANs and plenty of opportunities to make new friends. With a focus of playing a variety of games at any given time, primarily within the FPS, RTS and MMO genre. We are building a community where we are always open to new adventures and avenues to explore as a group, team, or brand.

Currently popular games within our group: Battlefield, Mordhau, Killing Floor, Northgard, Age of Empires, NHL, Smash Bros, Blood Bowl, Rocket League, Hunt: Showdown, amongst a wider variety of titles.









Like many, most of our first tastes of Airsoft began by shooting Walmart brand spring pistols and shotguns at each other in our backyards and woods behind our houses. For some horrible (or maybe good?) reason, over a decade later, we still enjoy shooting at each other and at other people for fun as often as we can. Our group is built on casual recreational-scenario style gameplay and accepting to experienced and inexperienced players alike. We are not fond of the ideal of heavy “military simulation” or larping/rp type teams, we do not represent or replicate real armed forces. Time spent with friends, traveling to new and unique fields throughout North America, while still working as a functioning team, and kicking ass for fun is what drives our motivation. We do still have standards and expectations for our members to help identify ourselves, but it is much more relaxed and cost friendly than the typical airsoft team and general costs of the sport is typically much cheaper than paintball. Our favorite targets are the ones who spend more time playing dress up or chair commanding in the parking lot.

Feel free to join our Discord or Facebook group and Introduce yourself at any time. It is an easy way to break the ice and get to know you/us. Or say hello when you see us at an event! We typically value real-time interaction, over text. Most members that do game regularly are on Discord within the hours of 7pm-11pm Eastern. We highly suggest you apply and introduce yourself on our Facebook Group to put name to face as it is an easy way to connect everyone and stay up to date with news, events and related discussions. If you do not have facebook, no worries, there’s a place to do so on Discord. Pop in and say hello!

Most members are in their mid to late 20s. We are family, life-long friends, friends of friends and our group is founded on word of mouth and bringing new people aboard. Outside of gaming and airsoft, our other hobbies expand from playing and watching hockey, football and other sports, enjoying a cold beer, being outdoors, traveling, creating and sharing music, concert going, working on cars/motorsports, content creating and more.