Based out of the Metro Detroit area, pointblank.gg started as a small group of friends regularly playing together in 2011. In 2017, we came up with a name for our group, got a cool logo made and some patches and well, here we are. In the spirit of the founding group members, we have kept things fun and social, but also highly competitive. Our focus is less about the tactical military simulation experience and more about just enjoying the sport, traveling, playing at new fields and time spent with friends. We tend to shy away from replicating real military units and leave the fashion-softing and larping aspects of Airsoft at the door. While we do try to create our own unique style, the spirit of the "Walmart Airsofter" lives on through our roots. Basically, we don't really care if you wear Crye Precision or Condor.  We enjoy: winning, shooting at things, teamwork, adrenaline, and most importantly, making friends.



Our “home field” is at Action-Paintball in Southeast Michigan. This is where we’ve put down roots and received our first tastes of larger group play Airsoft. However, you will find us attending events throughout the Midwest. Our borders are ever expanding as we travel to a variety of events in unique places. Our focus isn’t about military simulation, it’s playing Airsoft. We know what the norm looks like and do our best to distance ourselves enough to be unique in a sea of Multi-cam and chair commanders. We attend events that allow our outlook on the sport and gear we chose to wear. We attend recreational games as well as mil-sim lite (scenario) based games, it is unlikely you will ever find us at a three day MSW type event.



We aim to be a group that is open to experienced and inexperienced players alike. Our members’ ages range between mid to late twenties to some reaching their late fifties, early sixties. All our members share other hobbies like wrenching on cars, being outdoors, playing or listening to music, beer, and gaming (obviously). We are looking to grow in numbers by adding people to our group that thoroughly enjoy playing and being active in the group and sport. That means we want members who are: financially independent and you are dependable, able to play once or twice a month, potentially travel-able within 4-5+ hours distance. Being able to get along and mesh with everyone in our group is essential. We also ask that you be 21 years or older, but exceptions can be made. 

pointblank.gg was created to provide a platform and potential brand for Airsofters to become apart, contribute and experience more with this hobby and passion. To give equal opportunities to all to experience, socialize and build a community towards something bigger and greater. We actively seek enthusiastic people interested in creating content with us, community development and being able to help create memorable experiences. We look forward to meeting you!

Our favorite targets are the ones who spend more time in the parking lot taking pictures rather than playing. Peep our calendar to see where we will be playing or traveling to next.