With constant sales and an extremely fast paced gaming Industry, it has become very easy to find yourself with a massive library of games, with the hottest games on the market, but still finding yourself staring at your desktop bored. Why is there still a feeling of nothing to play? Gaming communities have struggled in recent years due to the industry's rapid progression. More and more titles are being pumped out, endless DLCs, shitty unfinished early-access titles and trends, and of course, annual triple-A releases. In turn, this kills many or if not all environments for communities to build and survive in. Many opportunities for players to find something more to participate or become apart of is now much harder to come by. Most common gamers tend to regularly play games for shorter periods of time as life-spans of games continually decrease. Typically playing solo, maybe with a friend or two, these gamers bounce from title to title on a month to month or even shorter basis as the release and sales cycles quite literally, never end. (As we call it the "look! squirrel!" syndrome). It has become exceptionally difficult to build an active participating gaming community with more than just having a cliche, or small circle of friends to run your current "flavor of the month, or week" multiplayer games with.

The goals of are simple, to provide an environment for like-minded sociable PC gaming enthusiasts with a classic gaming community outlook while keeping up with fast tracking gaming Industry and trends. To provide a hub for gamers who like to play the same kind of gaming genres, online and offline events with classic old school LAN parties, plus opportunities to group up and travel to events, game nights, and provide a potentially brand-able platform for members to build and contribute towards, rather it be streaming, content creation, or even seek potential eSports ideals. We simply want to provide opportunities for gamers to do something more with their hobby and favorite games.




We are composed of friends and family who chill together on and off the Internet, based in the Detroit area. The group was created by friends who have been playing video games since growing up in the 90s and spending weekends in garages or basements playing Starcraft, Battlefield 1942, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 2 and linking Xboxes together for 8 man Halo 2. Most members are in their mid to late twenties and share a passion for creating a sociable environment for people to link up and play like-minded games together. Being mostly First Person Shooter, and Real Time Strategy game driven, the group shares a current and past competitive heritage and a love for adrenaline, action and eSports roots. Granted, most of us forget that we are filthy casuals with 9-5 jobs now.

As people we share many hobbies that stem outside of just PC gaming realm which include, tabletop activities, beer drinking, traveling, playing airsoft, being outdoors, sports and car enthusiasts, musicians and avid concert goers, among other miscellaneous hobbies and activities.

Many of us share a love for a wide range of classic and retro gaming systems. We typically like to revisit at the LAN events we host and attend. As for more modern games, many of us are riding out the current Battle Royale saturation phase with PUB:G (when our rage meters aren't full), Rocket League, Killing Floor 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Battlefield, Overwatch, CS:GO, Halo Online or other misc titles and systems to pass the time, the Nintendo Switch is currently a popular option. We are currently in limbo waiting for the next big multiplayer PC game, rather it be Halo Infinite, Battlefield 5, DOOM: Eternal, Battalion 1944, and whatever may grab our full attention next.


We are looking to expand by adding enthusiastic, outgoing like minded individuals to our group that thoroughly enjoy gaming, and being involved with what we do as a group. Being active in our group, fitting in, and participating is essential. We suggest anyone interested to hop on Discord, introduce yourself and run some games when you see people online. We usually have people online nearly every night playing whatever or simply just hanging out. We are accepting of locally based gamers, and gamers through out the world alike. We aim to provide an environment and opportunities where most people can be involved and link up.

What to expect? Occasional LAN events, game nights, and opportunities to travel to events as a group. We hosted our first public LAN this summer with 15+ people and plan to continue to host events a couple times a year for anyone interested to attend. As we expand, we are traveling more and more to various LAN and gaming events through out the Mid-west, and eventually all of North America and abroad. was created to provide a platform and potential brand for gamers to become apart, contribute and experience more with their hobbies and passions. To give equal opportunities to all to experience, socialize and build a community towards something bigger and greater. We actively seek enthusiastic people interested in creating content with us, community development and being able to help create memorable experiences. We look forward to meeting you!

Michigan Gamer Groups

We understand that not everybody likes the same style of game and not everybody always gets along or vibes well, which can be no fun. We'd like to give all members and fellow local friends an opportunity to stay social and find other gamers and people to run games with. In the big scheme of things, our goals are the same as any other gamer enthusiast group. We all serve as a social hub for locally (maybe even globally) gamers to find their spot to kick it and game. 

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