Things that must be said, for the socially unaware:


Conflict resolution > conflict avoidance. Dealing with issues up front is how any group will sustain itself long term. If there is a problem, solve it directly and privately. If someone has to step in to resolve a problem between others, the situation was not handled correctly. Be aware of what you say and do, be responsible and accountable for yourself at all times, it’s that simple.


Any adult (18+) is given the opportunity to join and participate. Understand diversity and differences. Value interactions and the opinion of others. Be creative, proactive, and open minded. Most importantly, be yourself. 


We function entirely off participation and sound social communication skills. Somewhat frequent involvement, being able to interact confidently, attending meetups, events, all share equal importance. Being reliable and dependable is key. As our standard, how much time you would like to invest is entirely up to you. Our group is simply something to do for fun, and we appreciate everyone's interest and involvement.






1. Don't be a dick, don't be annoying.


2. Be aware of your voice activation/mic settings.


3. Avoid unwelcoming clique mentality.


4. Be chill, invite your friends.


5. Somewhat regular involvement will get you a discord role.


6. Whats the vibe, bro?