To keep an enjoyable atmosphere for all, we have simple core fundamentals for our members and visitors to follow as you spend your time here:


Conflict resolution > conflict avoidance. Dealing with issues up front is how any group will sustain itself long term. If there is a problem, solve it directly and privately. If someone has to step in to resolve a problem between others, the situation was not handled correctly. Be aware of what you say and do, be responsible and accountable for yourself at all times, it’s that simple.


Any adult (18+) is given the opportunity to join and participate. Understand diversity and differences. Value interactions and the opinion of others. Be creative, proactive, and open minded. Most importantly, be yourself. 


We function entirely off participation and sound social communication skills. Somewhat frequent involvement, being able to interact confidently, attending meetups, events, all share equal importance. Being reliable and dependable is key. As our standard, how much time you would like to invest is entirely up to you. Our group is simply something to do for fun, and we appreciate everyone's interest and involvement.


Gaming & Discord Etiquette:


In order to make use of our discord, you will need to assign yourself a role. You will be prompted with instructions upon joining. This is to eliminate spam, non english speaking, and unrelated users in our server.


Pay attention to your microphone settings, if you are not using PTT we do not want to hear everything else going on around your computer.


Post text in relevant channels. As a note, you will notice that we are not an actively focused text chat discord. Our main use for discord is voice comms for gaming and hanging out. We value real time interaction.


Members play a wide variety of titles, therefore most of the time we do not always game together or you will find people simply doing their own thing in smaller groups regularly.


Most members share competitive drive and personality, hence why we play a fair amount of FPS/RTS games.


As someone new to the group looking in, our best advice is to observe what people are playing regularly, ask to join in on said games, get to know the regulars. (there's 12-15 of us roughly, currently.) Speak up, be heard, and vibe things out. Be somebody. If you have questions or need help getting started, ask any @MOD role on Discord. We are not a "number of members" driven community.