The above collection of games are all free for your downloading pleasure. All titles have been purchased on gog.com or already owned by members of the group. These games are free to play at our events, are virus-free, and tested for playability on Windows 10 locally. If you enjoy the contents of these games please support the creators and publishers by buying their content.

It is important to remember that LAN culture is built upon individuals playing games and enjoying the LAN all-together, and interacting. In today’s gaming market, despite being extremely easy to play online, it is harder than ever to play locally due to party matchmaking and a lack of private dedicated server and lobbies on top of everyone having their own taste in games in an extremely vast and evolving market. LAN culture today is a niche afterthought to many developers as we strive to keep it alive through our group and various remaining LAN parties/cons throughout North America.

“The biggest draw to LAN gaming is the social experience, the personal connection you get from actually sitting next to someone, having a laugh, seeing the expressions as you blow someone up. All that good stuff you don’t get from playing at home. Eating junk food together, talking smack, that’s what the LAN party is about.”

At our events, we ask you to come prepared to play your favorite games you normally play at home, but also willing to try out a game or two your peers or hosts around you are organizing to play all-together which is voted on by the entire party. You didn’t lug your computer to just do your own thing did you? As hosts we will only try to organize one or two massive group play games a night, the rest of the time is totally up to you and the peers around you. Interact, be social, play games.

Common troubleshooting tips for older games:

Direct Play enabled Legacy Component is required for some older titles to launch.

Direct X and Microsoft Redistributable should be installed when prompted to do so, some game files include installers if you experience inconsistent launch issues.

Launching as admin or compatibility mode may help if you still have issues.

Discord will need to be launched as Admin when running games in admin. 

At the expense of your time and others, please do not hesitate to ask for help to get games working BEFORE THE EVENT and NOT DURING. The more games you have ready to play, simply the more game time and options you will have at the event and everyone wins and we guarantee you will not be sitting waiting for something to happen.

Common LAN etiquette:

Free space on your HDD/SSD (30gb+).

Bring portable drives or USBs to help share games around.

Be proactive.

Make sure all your games are installed and up to date and you have the latest graphics drivers before showing up.

LANs start slow and gain momentum. Be patient and prepared as attendees trickle in.

Be on time, showing up an hour after start time is fine. 2-3 hours after is not, especially if you are totally unprepared.

Caffeine, water, and snacks are your friend. If you are drinking alcohol, have a pace, stay hydrated.

It might seem silly stressing this, but LANs are seriously based on endurance, stamina, and readiness. Our events are usually shorter than typical by only being 10-12 hours in length. Your overall mood, tiredness, and readiness will heavily affect your overall experience and those around you.

Cable ties are your friend. 

Have cash on hand for food, raffles, and drinks.

Hosts will schedule specific game time at least once during the event depending on overall interest that can involve nearly everyone, be willing to participate. Actually vote on a game or two you would like to play.

LANs can stale out, especially if you’re gaming longer than you normally do at home. Take breaks, get some air. Ask to try a game someone is playing near you that looks interesting or simply just watch. Play something you never thought you’d play in a million years. At no point should you be sitting around bored, but it is easy to get fatigued.


Common checklist (for the forgetful):

Computer, Monitor.

Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse pad.

Headset, webcam, cameras, if you plan to stream or help capture the event.

Minimum 25ft CAT6 ethernet cable.

Power cables for monitor and PC

Controller and controller adapter for PC.

HDMI adapters, misc converters, wireless adapters, hdmi/dvi cables

Surge Protector, Male to female power extension cord.

Be aware if you are sharing powerstrips and you have obnoxious power AC brick blocks that take up additional power strip space.)

Bonus points if you bring a portable HDD/USB with games you want to play on it.

Bonus points if you bring a gaming console with additional controllers.

Your jersey if you own one!

Not required, but your own chair. 10+ hours in a folding chair will try to end your night early.

Cash, cash app or paypal ready.

We’d love to share and document our experience of each event we attend as much as possible so if you enjoy taking pictures, videos, capturing in-game moments, please do so and collaborate with us before and after the event.